All sales are by the owners or their agents and include the home and a share in the Corporation.  Values are determined by the current real estate market. Prices and terms are set by the seller and must be discussed directly with them or their agent.

The San Luis Obispo County Tax Assessor will evaluate your purchase and will assign a value to your share which will be the basis for determining your portion of the annual property tax for the Park. In addition, some of the newer coaches in the park are also subject to property taxes on the coach itself or on the improvements that have been made.

Our monthly Park statement includes an operating fee of $250.00,  which includes City water, sewer, and maintenance.  Also included is a mandatory fee of approximately $62.40 for expanded cable TV  & internet, two digital set-top boxes,  HBO, Cinemax, Disney+ service pack by Spectrum Communications and a $26.44 residential trash fee.  Gas and electricity are also billed based on each household’s usage.

PBMHP DisclaimerPBMHP is not responsible for the price, description, condition, or any other details on websites regarding homes for sale within our Park. Prices are set by the owner and by current market value. PBMHP does not set the price or valuation for shares offered for sale in the Park.