Monthly statements are sent to all residents of the Park. These statements will include the monthly operating fee of $185.00 for City water, sewer, and Park maintenance. Also included is the mandatory fee of $42.50 for the expanded cable TV service provided by Spectrum Communications and $23.65 for the residential trash service. This fee is based on a group service contract subject to change on contract renewal. Gas and electricity are also included in the monthly statement based on each household’s usage. In December and April, the taxes on your share will be included based on the County’s assessed value of your share.

Telephone service through AT&T, premium cable service, internet, and the San Luis Obispo County taxes on the mobile home and improvements will be billed directly to the resident.

If you have any questions, please contact the Park office. Please note sales do not go through the office, but all buyers must meet with the Parks Orientation Committee before the closing of Escrow.

Information about homes in the Park for sale and pricing can be found on Realtor listing websites. (e.g., or by searching for homes for sale @ 140 S. Dolli er. PB CA.

Spaces currently for sale: Sp# 163, 204, &  Sp# 133